Inspectable Area: Site
Inspectable Item: Market Appeal
Graffiti is any unauthorized writing or drawings - anything that conveys a message.

Graffiti can include chalk as well as any other material that can be used to write or draw, and can include scratches or cuts made in a material.

Forget about the terms in the definition, walls, fences, etc. and forget about arguing whether it can be seen from any given distance.  Just clean it up!

Graffiti can be worth as much as 5 points at Level 3.
Full definitions, derived from Federal Register
Market Appeal (Site)
Evaluate only those areas or structures that are under the control of the housing provider.
This inspectable item can have the following deficiencies:
Graffiti (Market Appeal—Site)
Deficiency: You see crude inscriptions or drawings scratched, painted, or sprayed on a building surface, retaining wall, or fence that the public can see from 30 feet away.
Note: There is a difference between art forms and graffiti. Do not consider full wall murals and other art forms as graffiti.
Level of Deficiency:
- Level 1:  You see graffiti in 1 place.
- Level 2:  You see graffiti in 2 to 5 places.
- Level 3:  You see graffiti in 6 or more places.
Litter (Market Appeal—Site)
Deficiency: There is a disorderly accumulation of objects on the property, especially carelessly discarded trash.
Note: Judge litter as you would judge the condition of a city park in America. Do not include these as litter:
1. Litter left behind in the path of a recent garbage collection.
2. Litter that maintenance personnel are collecting and removing during your inspection.
Level of Deficiency:
- Level 1:  N/A
- Level 2:  You see excessive litter on the property.
- Level 3:  N/A
Take note of the Litter deficiency as well.

One would hope that the property is free of litter on the day of a REAC inspection of all days.