Inspectable Area: Site
Inspectable Item: Grounds
Site; Grounds; Ponding requires water at least 3 inches deep and covering at least 100 square feet of the grounds.

For safety's sake, let's say that means 100 sf in total on the entire property rather than 100 sf all in one place.

Still - we do not see this cited very often due to the required size.

Small puddles like we see from air conditioners running in the summer do not amount to ponding.

Full definitions, derived from Federal Register
Grounds (Site)
The improved land adjacent to or surrounding the housing and related structures. This does not include land not owned or under the control of the housing provider.
This inspectable item can have the following deficiencies:
Erosion/Rutting Areas                                Ponding/Site Drainage
Overgrown/Penetrating Vegetation
Ponding/Site Drainage (Grounds—Site)
Deficiency: Water or ice has collected in a depression or on ground where ponding was not intended.
1. This does not include detention/retention basins or ponding on paved areas, such as parking lots:
—Detention/retention basins are covered in “Storm Drainage (Site).”
—Ponding on paved areas is covered in “Parking Lots/Driveways/Roads (Site).”
2. If there has been measurable precipitation (1/10 inch or more) during the previous 48 hours, consider the impact on the extent of the ponding.
3. Determine that ponding has occurred only when there is clear evidence of a persistent or long-standing problem.
Level of Deficiency:
- Level 1:  N/A
- Level 2:  An accumulation of water (3 to 5 inches deep) affects the use of at least 100 square feet of the grounds, but the grounds are generally usable.
- Level 3:  There is an accumulation of more than 5 inches deep over 100 square feet.
Accumulation has made a large section of the grounds, more than 20%, unusable for its intended purpose. For example, ponding has made a recreational field unusable.
Compilation Bulletin 4.0 v. 2, page 23
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Effective date: May 23, 2016
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